A Message from the Director

The City of Woodway is proud to be served by a very capable and well-trained Public Safety Department. The department is currently served by a dedicated group of 32 paid sworn officers, approximately 6 volunteer firefighters, 3 unpaid volunteer police officers, and a strong civilian support staff who are eager to be of service to you.

In the state of Texas, there are only a handful of Public Safety Departments whose sworn officers are cross-trained as firefighters and police officers. Woodway is served by such a force and is an excellent example of how officers can possess knowledge and skills within several fields. While the selection and training of officers is much more complex and involved, the benefits and the cost savings to the City are great. The community can expect to receive increased officer availability and expertise. No matter what emergency situation may arise; WPSD is committed to providing the highest level of professional assistance.

We are here to serve and assist you in any situation. I encourage you to browse through webpages to learn more about how we serve the community, ensure your safety, and inform you of the variety of community partnerships and events we have throughout the year.

As you might expect, the public safety efforts in our community depend and rely largely on citizen input and participation. Please do not hesitate to contact the Public Safety Department should you need assistance, have a concern, or a question. You can call us at 254.772.4470 or email any of us.


Chief Khalil El-Halabi