Where to Get a Permit

Garage/Estate Sale permits are available at Woodway Community Services located at 924 Estates Dr.


  • Estate – $50
  • Garage – $10

Information for Permittees

City of Woodway’s Ordinance concerning Garage/Estate Sales provides as fol­lows:

  • No more than two such permits may be issued to one location and/or resi­dence and/or family household during any calendar year. If members of more than one residence join in requesting a permit, then such permit shall be considered as having been issued for each and all such residences.
  • The Garage/Estate Sale shall be limited in time to no more than the daylight hours of three consecutive days.
  • A copy of the permit shall be in a conspicuous place, so as to be seen by the public as well as representatives of the City during the time and on the premises where the Garage/Estate Sale is being held.
  • All personal property offered for sale may be displayed within the residence, ga­rage, car port, and/or in rear yard, but only in such areas. No personal property of­fered for sale at a Garage/Estate Sale shall be displayed in the front yard or side yard areas of any such premises, exclusive of driveways, provided that no merchandise shall be on the driveway further than ten feet from the garage or in any public right-of way.
  • Only one sign (no more than four square feet) shall be permitted to be displayed on the property of the residence where the Garage/Estate Sale is being conducted. No off-premises signs are permitted. No signs shall be placed in the public right-of-way or upon utility poles.
  • All applicants must not be persons who hold themselves out as engaging, and do not engage in the business of selling, at retail or at wholesale, the items of personal property for sale at the Garage/Estate Sale.

Community Services

Community Services



924 Estates Drive
Woodway, TX 76712