The Woodway Public Safety Dispatch Department includes one Communications/ Records Supervisor, one Communications/ Records Assistant Supervisor, and six Communications/Records Specialists. The communications office is manned 24 hours a day to provide constant emergency contact for the community.

All dispatchers are trained as call takers for 9-1-1 police/fire requests, and as operators for the radio and Texas Crime Information Center/National Crime Information Center computer system. The communications/records section is also responsible for processing all police reports and ensuring the immense amount of data generated by officers and the public is stored and retrievable. The City of Woodway also provides Alarm Direct, an alarm monitoring service, to the community that is monitored by the communications/records section. All fire, police, and Emergency Medical Service (EMS) alarms are handled by Woodway dispatchers.

Among the section’s other duties are dispatching officers and maintaining the Emergency Warning System to ensure it is ready to perform at the time of an emergency.