Mission Statement

The mission of the Woodway Public Safety Department is to preserve peace and order within the community by protecting life, liberty, and property through professional police and fire services.

The mission of the department shall be achieved through the formulation and achievement of goals and objectives established by each operational component within the department.


The City of Woodway is proud to be served by a very capable and well-trained Public Safety Department, with all sworn officers cross-trained as firefighters and police officers. In the state of Texas, there is only a handful of Public Safety Departments. Woodway is served by such a force, which works tirelessly on 12-hour shifts to maintain the high expectations of our residents.

While the selection and training of this personnel is much more difficult, the benefits that accrue to the citizens in terms of officer ability and cost savings far outweigh the challenge of scheduling, recruitment and professional developments. The Woodway Public Safety Department is an excellent example of how officers can possess knowledge and skills within several fields.

Accident reports are available for a fee of $6 from the Records Department located at the Woodway Public Safety Department or you can go online and order them through LexisNexis.

The Woodway Public Safety Department can no longer do fingerprints for background checks. Visit the Texas Department of Public Safety website or the L-1 website.  L-1 is the exclusive electronic fingerprinting provider for the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS).

Call Municipal Court at 254-772-4489 during weekday business hours. Resolve your case online.