About the Project

Welcome to the home base for the Woodway Forward Comprehensive Plan! This process called upon residents to help shape the future of the community and leave a lasting legacy for the City of Woodway.  The plan has recently been adopted by Woodway City Council at the June 10th meeting.  Below is the draft copy of the plan for review but is not the final copy.

Woodway Forward Comprehensive Master Plan – draft copy 06.13.24

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

  • A Comprehensive Plan is a document that states a community’s desired vision for the future.
  • It consists of a single plan or coordinated set of plans organized by subject and sometimes geographic area.
  • It will include a Land Use Strategy, Mobility / Transportation Strategy, Economic / Fiscal Strategy, Housing and Neighborhoods, Downtown / Key Focus Areas Strategy, Public Infrastructure and Stormwater Management Strategy, and Community Facilities Strategy.
  • While a Comprehensive Plan states the community’s vision for the future, it does not constitute zoning regulations or establish zoning district boundaries.

How is a Comprehensive Plan used?

  • A Comprehensive Plan is used to coordinate and guide the future establishment of development regulations.
  • It is used to provide a basis for future zoning decisions.
  • It also helps to guide public investments in transportation and other infrastructure improvements to aide in guiding future development.
  • It is a policy document that includes an implementation plan for use by City Officials.

Why prepare a Comprehensive Plan?

  • Texas Local Government Code requires zoning regulations to be adopted in accordance with a Comprehensive Plan.
  • Helps with the fiscal planning of city resources.


  • Phase 1: Project Kick-off [ Feb. 2023 – March 2023]
  • Phase 2: Strategic Vision [March 2023 – Aug. 2023]
  • Phase 3: Vision Framework [Aug. 2023 – Feb. 2024]
  • Phase 4: Implementation & Adoption [ Starts March 2024]

How to get involved

Community Input is Essential!

Get involved and help us develop the future of Woodway! Throughout 2023 there will be numerous opportunities to share what you love and what you want to see changed about the community! We will provide information and opportunities to participate on this website as well as in person! We hope to see and speak with you at one of our public meetings!

The button below will take you to our engagement landing page. Click below to see how you can stay involved in the Woodway Forward Comprehensive Plan!